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Good to see you here! It’s a proof about your good taste. BUTTINALE 73 will not fail you. We will bring to your table only the best Italian premium olive oil. An olive oil that has been produced with passion and true manual labour. And if you are wondering what makes our oil different from the others, you can discover it here and, of course, by tasting it.

Pure Enjoyment

BUTTINALE 73 makes your gourmet experience even better. We offer high-quality Italian olive oils in three delicious varieties: Organic certified olive oil from organic farming, premium extra virgin olive oil and flavoured oil made from fresh and natural ingredients – the choice is yours. The basis for all our oils is our premium olives which are traditionally harvested and turned into an Italian delicacy within 24 hours without any loss of quality in our mill. A lot of passion and technical precision goes into our oils.

The region


€16.50 €33.00/l
Bio olio di oliva italiano


Pure nature to your liking: Our organic olive oil is available in different bottle sizes – naturally with the same high organic quality you can expect.
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€11.90 €47.60/l
Condimento peperoncino


BUTTINALE 73 Aroma Chili: high-quality olives meet real chili peppers and a hint of lemon to give you spicy moments of superlative taste.
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€14.20 €28.40/l
Olio di oliva italiano


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€11.90 €47.60/l
Condimento aglio


With BUTTINALE 73 Aroma Garlic you can add to many tasty dishes that little bit extra garlic that was missing. Before or after cooking.
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Thanks to BUTTINALE 73 you can have a top-quality olive oil with our own seal of approval: our promise of quality, taste und transparency. It’s the promise that our olives have ripened naturally and are harvested traditionally. It’s the promise that your bottle will be filled with the best of nature, with care and with the most modern methods. It’s the promise that you will taste the true Italian taste with our olive oil. These are not just promises, we can also show it to you. Let’s go on a little gourmet tour with our oil.